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Located in the heart of the magical town of Glastonbury Somerset, The Crown Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel & venue, focused on attracting high-end clientele. Each room is individual & named after an iconic musician (side note – If you’re ever in the market, I’d advise the Adele room!), just adding to the quirkiness of the property. However, it wasn’t always this way as just a few years earlier, the property was a rundown budget-hostel. This meant the new ownership were starting from scratch & although they’ve had good occupancy, almost all bookings have been generated by booking.com, which is where change was needed & where we come in.

The challenge

Being a new property means every customer is a new one. New customers are far harder to get that repeat ones (hence why email marketing is so powerful!) meaning every booking would need to be hard earnt. Starting from scratch also meant we needed an eye on the long term too as it wouldn’t be sustainable to rely on search traffic forever. Growing the hotels email marketing base would be the asset that paid dividends over the long term.

What we did about it

We begun by setting up their PPC advertising, crafting a number of campaigns designed to capture the attention of people in-market & then remarket to them with effective display ads. We did this for the hotel, the venue & dining features, which so far have produced X bookings at a CPB of 2% & have seen the dining areas remain busy throughout the seasons.

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