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This tranquil escape was originally part of Lord Hyltons estate but in 1965, the second Vatican Council called for a renewal of faith of individuals & society, which led to Lord Hylton & several others creating the Ammerdown Centre, a center for interfaith & spirituality.

When we connected, Ammerdown was doing well & already had a social media & email marketing content strategy in place. However, they lacked bookings, particularly during low season. Our job was to help fix this.

The challenge

Usually, one tool for plugging the demand gap is paid advertising at a positive ROI, targeting specific keywords & target audiences. However, Ammerdown with it’s focus on interfaith groups, was hard to target, given the latest audience restrictions related to data privacy. As well as this, the most relevant search terms on Google were ‘too low volume’ to run paid activity, which left us looking for alternative ways to create new demand.

What we did about it

We knew we had to concede that our ads at first were not going to be very effective at generating an ROI, given the difficulty of targeting the right audiences. The way we solved this problem was to point the Ai of Google & Facebook onto optimizing for website micro-conversions, such as multiple pageviews, contact page visits, longer sessions etc. We’ve also applied a £400 ad credit, complimentary from Google (if you know where to find it!).

From here, we then remarketed to this audience across Facebook & the GDN, getting more specific with our copy as people sorted themselves into various sub-audiences (e.g interested in venue hire, interested in attending events etc).

Since starting, we’ve seen brand searches grow by 22% & website traffic up 20%. It is still early days & we’re excited to share more results as they come in!

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