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Hotel websites

We know nothing is more important thank giving your hotel a website that reliably generates direct business again & again. Having overseen many website projects for both new & established hotel brands, our team can help get you to this point.

Step 0

Before we get into designing your new site, we first need to know your hotel brand. Your new website begins with an onsite visit, where our designers will soak up the full experience of what its like to be a guest at your hotel.

Alongside this, we’ll also dig into your existing website (if applicable) with the aim to understand where the opportunities for improvement are, taking note of user heatmaps, Google Analytics data and anecdotal user experiences.

The skeleton

Before considering pages, we first need to consider the people who will use your website. Whether we are envisioning a bride-to-be looking for a wedding venue or, a family with a dog, wondering if you’re pet-friendly, we have to consider every circumstance & make the website experience effortless for them.

Once fully considered, we will build a sitemap, laying out what all pages will look like from a technical perspective. Afterwards, we can create a wireframe, which will outline your website-to-be!

The soul

The final pre-development step is for us to take this greyscale outline and fill it up with the heart & soul of your hotels brand. We put ourselves in the shoes of the people using your website & try to picture what will appeal to them, on a deep intangible level. 

With these insight, we will oversee the creative process; from copywriting to typography to colours, patterns & more, we will make your website perfect for website visitors. All design decisions will manifest in the form of your final website prototype, which will be a perfect replica of how your website appear online. With this we will make final adjustments before…

It's time to code!

At this stage, we know what the site will look like, we just need to get it out there on the web! Our team of coders will turn the design into a fully-functional & fast website, not forgetting the ever so important technical SEO element often overlooked. 

We use Webflow & WordPress as CMS systems for your website & provide full training to your team, meaning you can easily update your website on the fly. 

All that is left now is to coordinate the migration of your brand new website! Post-launch, we’ll compare benchmark data to measure the success of your new website.

We're just getting started...

With your new website up & running, we are on hand to provide ongoing support, helping keep your website online, fast & SEO optimised.

Now you have your well-optimised virtual billboard online, the next step is to get as many people looking & booking as possible. This is where we can help your website really shine, by driving lots of people to it & generating more direct business than you’ve ever had before. You can learn more about this side of things here.

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