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Hotel paid advertising

Paid advertising is as old as the internet itself, but today more than ever, it’s crucial hotels leverage this medium to secure their brand presence, decreasing reliance on third-parties for business results.

Having managed millions in ad spend, we are specialists in launching effective hospitality advertising campaigns.

5 million searches

We did some digging and found out that across the UK, on Google there are 160k searches with ‘Hotel’ in the search, 6k with ‘Spa’ , 2.5k with ‘wedding venue’ & 5k with ‘afternoon tea’ EVERY DAY.

We pluck out the very best searches to show ads on, achieving an average cost-per-booking of 6% (not including downstream bookings), winning new business in the process. (See case study)

*We craft a combination of brand & non-brand search ads. Branded search means it has your hotels name in. OTAs often ‘bid’ on these to get the booking through their site. Learn more.

Getting meta

Your hotels website is an asset that can and should be your dominant channel of distribution. We’ve partnered with MyHotelShop to connect your hotels inventory, to the right metasearch distribution channels.

We take care of the set-up and successfully optimize your campaigns on Google, Trivago, TripAdvisor & more, averaging an ROI of 18:1.

Hello again..

It would be great if on the first website visit people booked their stay (and some hotshots do!) but the reality is, on average it takes 8 touchpoints before the booking.

This is why we as standard, all our advertising includes a detailed remarketing set up, ensuring your lookers are reminded of you & become bookers.

Reach the world

Through Google, we also have access to the Google Display Network, which includes many websites and YouTube. This network is perfect for reaching the masses at a low cost (on average, we see a cost-per-1000 views of just £0.10).

We help our hotels create professional ads (in some cases, producing the images & videos) which we strategically distribute on GDN, helping increase brand awareness, remarket to past site visitors and much more.

Recent Work

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Digital marketing

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Digital marketing

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