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Hotel email marketing

Email marketing done right may be the most powerful tool in your hotels marketing arsenal. However, this will only be the case if you can craft emails that stand out. We combine the science of targeting with the art of creative to do just this.

Beautifully effective emails

By opening your email, someone has shown they’re open to being sold – now it’s time to close the deal with the perfect email.

We create on-brand, visually appealing emails for all automated & ad-hoc emails campaigns. By combining this with the right audience, offer, subject line & copy, we’re able to create emails that convert over & over again.

Always be segmenting

Segmentation separates the best from the rest. As a Klaviyo partner, we can input carefully collected data & design a plethora of audiences all within the CRM, which we can then target with laser focused messaging, leading to greater loyalty & ROI.

Did the person book with children? Maybe they would be interested in a summer deal. OTA booker? How about we ask them for their actual email, turning them into a direct customer next time? These are just 2 examples of what could be hundreds…

Collection perfection..

It goes without saying that the more quality emails you have, the better your email marketing will be. This is why we’ve devised multiple strategies to help our hotels collect more quality emails , ensuring their marketing efforts are effective.

Most hotels provide 0 or, 1 chance for guests to sign up. Our clients provide 7 – 12 non-intrusive touchpoints, which has already increased email collection by over 300% YoY.

The joys of GDPR

GDPR can be a scary term, you certainly don’t want to mess up and find yourself on the wrong end of an expensive fine.

You can be rest assured that we only capture the data of people who have explicitly solicited to receiving your emails. We then carefully store all this data, keeping you fully compliant with the latest rules.

Get your data talking

In combining your PMS, website & CRM data, we turn email into a powerful marketing tool where you can upsell, cross sell, remarket, gain feedback and do MANY more cool things.

For example, it’s Monday and the group who have reserved most of your rooms just cancelled. Not to fear – we can send your database a specially tailored last minute getaway deal, saving you from an empty hotel and treating your loyal followers to a very juicy deal.

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2. Let us help your hotel navigate the confusing.

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