Case Study: How working smarter can halve your media spend

When many hoteliers want their hotels posts to be seen more, they click the useful little ‘Boost’ button which allows them to increase their posts reach by as much as they are willing to pay. However, we have never done this for our clients, instead preferring to create a good ol’ fashioned paid ad. We […]

Case Study: Increasing the quality & quantity of social media traffic

When The Swan came to us looking to improve their overall brand presence & digital marketing strategy, the second place we looked at was their social media profiles (the first being their website). From this, we identified that there was a brilliant opportunity for them to engage with their followers in a meaningful way, which […]

Thousands in Direct Bookings From a 20 Minute Task

When someone finishes their stay at your hotel, they may want to return in future. If you did a good enough job, they may be a raving fan, telling all their friends about your hotel. So, when they want to book another stay or, their friends want to learn more about your hotel, they will […]

How SEO can get you more venue bookings

In the competitive hotelier world, additional income streams can greatly support your hotel in the quieter periods of the week/ year. Maybe you have a few conference rooms set up and you also hire out some space for weddings/events but unfortunately the adage of ‘if you build it, they will come’ does not apply here. […]

Using Guest Data to drive 5-star marketing results

When guests visit your hotel, they bring with them a wealth of potentially useful information, which usually goes untapped. Not only is it helpful to gather lots of information on your guests just for research purposes, but it also provides a great opportunity for remarketing and for targeting people who are like your guests. The […]

11 Content Ideas For Hotels

As consumers continue the shift towards making buying decisions based on trust, social media has become both a necessity and an opportunity for hotels to position themselves ahead of the competition. Those who have risen to the challenge have been rewarded fruitfully while those who are inactive are increasingly finding their bookings being driven by […]

Bespoke vs Template – which is best for you?

Getting a new website for your hotel can seem like a daunting task. To complicate things further, there are multiple ways to get a website made, ranging from the very cheap to the very costly. Broadly, the scale from low to high cost can be split out as below: Website builder (Squarespace, Webflow, Wix) Template […]