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How most hotels pay for bookings

How smart hotels pay for bookings

Why paid ads?


Paid ads let you funnel existing market demand through your own website, reducing reliance on OTA & other distribution partners.


With paid ads, you know what results you can expect


Make informed decisions by knowing the true ROI upfront


Take control of the brand messaging your potential guests/clients see

Fast Results

No waiting 6 months for results - once set up, you’ll see results from day #1


Paid ads increase your hotels’ visibility across search & social, increasing your brand awareness, demand and revenue.


Paid ads give you unparalleled learnings that can be applied to other marketing disciplines. 


Granular, specific ad messages to specific people

Research Tool

Gain a plethora of insights from your paid results

Paid Advertising FAQs

OTAs offer a great experience for potential guest, however they are poor business partners for your hotel. They will charge as much commission as they can because they know you don’t think you have much of a choice. Including VAT, you may be charged 18 – 36% per stay, that’s a lot of your margin. Plus, what if one of these conglomerates goes bust, you don’t want to have your hotels caught short.

Paid ads take more effort but this is for far greater rewards. For example, you can expect meta-search to produce you a new guests for a commission of anywhere between 3 – 12%. This means for every £100k of bookings at a 6% commission rate, you will save £14k compared with getting these bookings through the OTAs (at a 20% commission rate).

If you’re #1 on search, that’s great, but it won’t give you market dominance. 50% of clicks are paid for on Google, meaning people may be actively showing a paid ad above your result, taking clicks away from you, meaning paid clicks may be necessary to ‘defend your turf’.


This isn’t to mention that not all your potential guests & leads will be using Google/Bing search – you can reach these people with advertising on social media channels and much more. When done right, this can produce very affordable leads for your business.

We track EVERYTHING in your paid marketing because we know how important it is to know what you’re paying for. This means you will know the exact cost for results.


But how do you know if £100 is great or terrible for a lead? Not to fear, we have a process to help you discover what a lead is worth for your business. By the end of this process, you will know exactly how much a lead costs and exactly what it is worth for your hotel.

We love this guide from Big Wave that gives you a great rundown of everything you need to know.

Paid ads seem great BUT can they work for our hotel?

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